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RADR 1409 - Transcultural Care Project

Find information about different cultural practices that may affect medical care.

Select the Most Important Topic Words for Searching!

Develop and refine keywords to use when searching for sources.

Developing Keywords for Research

Developing Keywords for Research

Options: Examples:

1. List the most important word or phrase related to your topic.

  • transcultural medical care

2. Put "quotation marks" around phrases to keep words as a single concept.

  • "transcultural medical care"

3. Add other words to narrow your topic. Use and to separate words and phrases.

  • "transcultural medical care" and Vietnamese
  • "transcultural medical care" and Cuban
4. Try synonyms and related topic words and phrases.
  • "cultural values" and "patient education"
  • culture and health and India
  • ethnopsychology
  • minorities medical care


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