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ENGL 1301 Toulmin Argument

Guide for Stacey Joshua's ENGL 1301.

Works Cited in MLA

You must include an citation for any information source you cite in your paper on your Works Cited list. 

The purpose of the Works Cited list is to give as much information as possible about the sources you used. This allows your reader to see where you're getting your information and to find the source again so they can read it for themselves.  

Every citation on your Works Cited list must correspond to at least one in-text citation somewhere in your paper.  

If you don't include Works Cited citations for information you use from your sources, you are at risk of plagiarism (passing off others' work as your own). Plagiarism has serious academic consequences. 

Creating Works Cited citations in MLA

There are many resources to help you create Works Cited citations in MLA. 

1. The databases will automatically generate MLA citations for any source you find there. 

You can just copy and paste the citations the database gives you into your Works Cited list. But be careful: databases sometimes make formatting mistakes in the citations. 

We've created a few videos to help you copy/paste citations from the database and correct any MLA mistakes. 


For citing academic journal articles in EBSCO databases: 


For citing electronic books in EBSCO databases: 


For citing something from Credo Reference:

2. Try some of the handouts and guides created by the LSC-CyFair Library and others:


3. Contact a librarian: we're here to help you with research and MLA format!
Click here for all our contact information and hours. 

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