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ENGL 1302: Wardlaw

This guide was created to help students in Prof. Wardlaw's ENGL 1302 courses with research assignments.

Academic Video Online (recommended film database)

Academic Video Online allows you to limit your search results to Documentaries and specific Subjects.

You can always search for all videos by keyword, but to limit to specific Subjects:

  1. Go to Menu < Advanced Search
  2. Click the Select Terms menu next to the Topic/Theme box under Subject 
  3. Depending on your topic, try checking the boxes for:
  • School Safety and School Violence
  • Immigration and Emigration and Immigration Laws
  • Police Brutality
  • Sexual Assault and Sex Crimes and Colleges and Universities

To limit to Documentaries:

  1. Go to Menu < Advanced Search
  2. Scroll down and click the Show Content Type link next to Content Type
  3. In the Content Type menu, deselect all the boxes and just leave Documentary checked 


Academic Video Online will also prepare an APA citation for you. To get the APA citation in Academic Video Online:

  1. Underneath the video you're watching, click on Cite
  2. A new page will open titled Your List (1 item)
  3. In the Options menu on the left, check the APA bubble
  4. The APA citation will appear on screen. Copy and paste it into your document, but always be sure to double-check a citation generated from a database!

Other film databases

Other places to find documentaries and pop culture online

Google tips

Want to make your Google searches a little more effective? Try some of these tips.

Type phrases in quotation marks


Useful if you want to find a specific phrase, instead of words separately. Check out the difference in the number of search results when you use quotation marks around a phrase and when you don't:

google search results with quotation marks and without quotation marks side by side, fewer results with quotation marks

Limit searches by domain or website


Let's say you're looking for information from a government source or on a university's webpage. Use Google's site limiter to limit your search results to a specific domain (like .gov or .edu), or even a specific website.

Just type site: and then the domain or website in your Google search (without spaces).

In this search, compare the difference in the number of search results when you limit to a .gov domain:

results of google searches limited to domain

This will also work with a specific website. In this example, I've limited my search to a specific government website:

google search results limited to a specific website


Limit search results by date


For some research topics, you want to be sure you are using the most current information available. You can use Google's Tools menu to limit your results by date.

After you Google something, click on Tools under the search bar. Two new menu options will open up below.

Click on the Any Time menu to limit to a specific time range or to a custom range you can set yourself.

screenshot of Google search results Tools menu to limit by time


Limit Google Images searches to rights-free images


Not every image you find through a Google search is legal to use without copyright. But you can limit your Image search results only to images you are legally allowed to reuse. 

After you do an Image search, click on Tools. Then under the Usage Rights menu that pops up below, choose Labeled for Reuse: 

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