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PTK Honors in Action Research: Evaluating Sources

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  • Information Evaluation SummaryContent
    • Does the title or other information suggest that this material primarily presents facts (e.g., research study, charts, graphs, and/or statistics, etc.)?
    • Does the title or other information suggest that this material includes opinion with valid and reliable support materials?
    • Does the author and/or sponsor include different viewpoints or opinions about an issue?
  • Appropriateness
    • Does this information seem to support my topic thesis?
    • Can I understand this information without having special training or education?
    • Does this information include sufficient topic detail to be useful?
  • Reliability
    • Information about the author and/or sponsor of this material listed in the source or I can verify expertise independently?
    • Information verifies that they are knowledgeable about the topic or that they consulted experts?
    • Information sources cited in the text and/or in a list?
  • Date
    • Date listed in the information source that relates to the timeliness of material being presented?
    • Source include information that is still useful and/or valid? 

Please Note: Use the interactive LSCS Libraries Evaluating Information guide to get a rating on a prospective source.

Video - Evaluating Sources for Credibility

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