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PTK Honors in Action Research

Artificial Intelligence and food

Web sources


Magazine & Trade Journal Articles


Scholarly Journal Articles


Remember that the library databases work best when you search with keywords or phrases connected with Boolean logic (and/or/not).


Suggested keywords for researching artificial intelligence and food:
  • (AI or artificial intelligence)
  • (ML or machine learning)
  • food
  • agricultur* (agriculture, agricultural, etc.)
  • algorithm
  • global food production
  • sustainab* (will search for sustainable, sustainability, etc.)
  • optimiz* (optimize, optimization, etc.)
  • consum* (consumer, consumption, etc.)
  • transport* (transport, transportation, etc.)
  • data management
  • drones
  • crops
  • predictive metrics
  • predictive insights
  • data
  • farmers
  • supply chain
  • supply chain management
  • procur* (procure, procurement, etc.)
  • food waste
  • inventory control
  • demand forecasting
  • pricing
  • personal health data
  • food security
  • precision agriculture
  • deep learning