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Online Library Introduction (OLI)

Al things OLI: pre-recorded asynchronous OLI, post-OLI survey, Glossary of Library Terms, and more.

If you took the OLI, please fill out our survey.

The survey helps us make sure you're learning what we're teaching and improve for next time.

If you're taking the OLI because your professor assigned it for class credit or extra credit, include your name and your professor's name so we can let them know you completed it.

You could also win a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card just for filling it out! Be sure to include your email address to be entered into our raffle drawing. We'll email you by the end of April to let you know if you won.

If you have a question we didn't answer in the OLI, ask us in the survey and we'll email you back. Or contact us another way - we're here to help!