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Use this guide for a list of local cat rescues and animal welfare resources, reading lists, cat culture (past and present), and for veterinarian industry-standard information on cat rescue, cat care, and cat behavior.

Cats UNLEASHED-Adopt-A-Cat Month Events

cat purrson party promo

Cat Purrson Pawty - Saturday, June 1, 11 AM

Full Schedule Coming Soon!

Kickoff Adopt A Cat Month with a Purrfect Celebration!

Join us at the library for a pawsitively delightful kickoff to Adopt A Cat Month with our "Cat Purrson Pawty"! This all-ages event is the purrfect opportunity for cat lovers to come together and celebrate our furry friends with a fun-filled afternoon of cat-themed crafts, snacks, games, and activities.

Date: June 1st
Time: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Library Room LRNC 131

Event Highlights:

  • Crafty Cat Creations: Dive into a variety of cat-themed crafts, including making your own cat ears headbands, designing cute cat bookmarks, and creating colorful paw print art.
  • Delicious Cat Snacks: Enjoy tasty treats inspired by our feline friends. 
  • Pawsome Games: Test your skills with fun cat-related games like "Pin the Tail on the Cat",  a "Mouse Hunt" scavenger challenge, and more.

While there won't be any real cats at the party, we'll have information about our upcoming cat adoption events later in June. Meet our adoption partners, learn about the adoption process, and discover how you can provide a loving home to a cat in need.