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BIOL 2420 Martin

Find background information on disabilities

When you start researching, it's a good idea to start broad and first find general background information about your research question or topic.

Background information introduces you to the various issues within that topic (so you can narrow down your paper topic, if needed). It can also help you understand more specific details about the topic as you get further along in the research journey.

Try the library's Credo Reference database to find background information about the disability you have chosen to investigate further. 

Using Credo Reference

Logging into library databases

After you click on any online database link, you will see a log in screen.

If you have a student ID card:

Log in by typing in the library barcode number from the back of your ID.

If you don't have a student ID card: 

Click the myLoneStar Email Address & Password Login link at the bottom of the screen 

and log in the same way you log in to myLoneStar. 

Capture of Library Database Authentication screen users will see when trying to access library databases off-campus.

If you have any trouble logging into a database, contact the library.