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Much Ado About Board Games


Information & Upcoming Episodes

New videos every 2nd & 4th Thursday at 6:30pm.

Join Librarian Melanie and Monte as they share their knowledge and excitement about board games via YouTube.

We love suggestions!  Email with any requests or suggestions of games you would like to see on the channel.

Upcoming Episodes:

Ticket to Ride: London


Fuji Flush


Episode 12: Bugs in the Kitchen

Episode 11: Orchard

Episode 10: Dimension

Episode 9: Sprawlopolis

Episode 8: Illusion

Episode 6: Cat Games Trio

Episode 5: Cat Lady

Episode 4: Herding Cat Games

Episode 3: Coloretto

Episode 2: Board Game Arena

Episode 1: Point Salad

Program Coordinator-Melanie Wachsmann