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DIY Masks

This is a supplemental guide to our #MaskMakingLibrarians LIFE program. In this guide you will find information on COVID-19, best practices for wearing masks, PDFs of DIY Mask patterns, materials list for making your own mask, links for further research.

Your Guide to #MaskingUp & Mask Care

Your Guide to Masking Up & Mask Care was created by Librarian Regina Vitolo and is restriction free so share with all your friends! Right click on the image and SAVE AS "Mask Guide" to download and print. Make sure to view the video and photo tutorials on how to fold your printable to create the mini-zine featured below. Have fun!

Your Guide to Masking Up & Mask Care

Here is how your zine will look once you fold your printout. Stash a few copies in your back pocket and share!

What's a Zine?

Not sure what a Zine is? Find out HERE.

Zine Folding Tutorials

Here's a fun GIF of how you will end up folding the mini-zine. Credit:


Making a Zine from One Sheet of Paper (folding tutorial)