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GOVTH 2305 Jinu Abraham

Honors Government

Assignment Description

The paper will examine what America can learn from the rest of the world in terms of public policy in four areas: maternity leave, incarceration, test scores in high school, seeking alternative sources of energy, or the rise of NEETs (No Education/Employment/Training) .  The research paper will be broken up into multiple pieces as students will help each formulate topics, select countries to compare with the United States, and the final editing stages of the assignment.

LSC Federal Government Writing

Writing and Proof Reading Resources

Types of Sources You May Want to Use

  • Database Articles
  • Government Websites
  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Educational Films
  • Interviews
  • News Articles

Recommended Resources

Topic: Maternity Leave Policies

Topic: Alternative Energy

Topic: Test Scores

Topic: Incarceration & Recidivism

Topic: NEETs (No Education/Employment/Training)