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Growing Your Garden

Whether or not you have a large gardening space or a small one bedroom apartment there are many ways to be able to start your garden or expand one that you already have. 

For starting out all you need is a pot, sun, good soil and water source.

Below you will see some easy ways to start your own garden such as windowsill gardening, small space gardening, using a hydroponics system or different planters that can be used.

Different Types of Gardens

A windowsill garden is a small collection of plants that grow in a windowsill either in your home or out on a small patio space. Some things to consider when creating your windowsill garden is sunlight, containers and maintenance. 

  • Sunlight: The windowsill or patio should receive at least 5 hours of sunlight per day so plants that need full sun can thrive. 
  • Containers: Different containers can be used to create your windowsill garden such as tin cans, mason jars, wooden boxes and more. 
  • Maintenance: Part of maintenance is a watering schedule and also pruning and harvesting plants in small containers.

This method of gardening is a way to grow vegetables at any time of the year, anywhere and uses fewer resources. What you need to begin this exciting process is:

Fresh Water


Root Support



You can click on the link below to see what Hydroponic System best fits your lifestyle and budget!

5 Tips on Small Space Gardening:

1. Using Raise Beds - Using small garden boxes to create raised beds allows you to grow more then individually planting pots or using in ground techniques.

2. Keep Seedlings Coming - Whenever one crop is harvested, have seedlings ready to transplant in its place. 

3. Interplant - “Interplanting” or “intercropping” is the practice of planting small crops in between bigger ones; the small, fast-growing crops will be ready before the big ones need the extra space.

4. Plant Companions - The best intercropping partners are companion plants that have different demands and complement each other.

5. Grow Up, Not Out - Make sure to use a trellis or support system for vine plants so they can grow upwards instead of spreading across the ground.

Earth Boxes: They are large self watering boxes and very easy to use. 

Plant-Friendly Smart Pots: They are made of black polypropylene and are easy to grow vegetables and herbs indoors and outdoors.

Grocery Bag Planters: Reusable grocery bags are a great inexpensive way to grow vegetables and herbs inside your small space or on the patio.

Straw Bale Gardens: With straw bale gardens the good thing about them is that they can be placed anywhere but they do require some work.

Large Baskets: Finding second hand baskets at thrift stores is an affordable and recyclable way to grow a small vegetable garden particularly salad greens and herbs. 

Hanging Baskets: These are another great affordable way to have a garden inside small spaces or outside on your patio.