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ENGL 1301 Oberle

This guide is for students in Prof. Oberle's ENGL 1301 classes. It has resources and tips to help you with your cause/effect essay.

Cause / Effect Essay

Check D2L for full assignment details. 

You will be writing a cause and effect essay that explains the causes and/or effects of a subject of your choice. Your paper may discuss just causes, just effects, or a combination of both causes and effects. This is up to you.

Your paper should be supported throughout with specific examples, details, facts, statistics, and/or anecdotes (documented appropriately, using correct MLA format). Research and citation requirements are highlighted below.

Your paper should:

• Be about 1,250 words (about 4 to 5 typed pages) long;
• Be typed in font size 12 using Times New Roman as the font style;
Follow MLA guidelines for format 
Cite from at least four research sources:

--At least three of these sources must be scholarly (such as journal articles, books, or government
--No more than one of these sources may be popular (such as newspaper or magazine articles),
--None of these sources may be an Internet site, and
--These sources should come from the library or from the library’s online research databases, not from
Internet search engines like Google.

• Follow MLA guidelines for documentation
• Include an MLA-style list of Works Cited (the Works Cited list is separate from your paper body and does not count as part of the required 4-5 pages)