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Service Learning

Service Learning in the Library


How Can Service Learning Improve Your College Experience

  • Become involved with the collegiate and Houston communities
  • Gain new skills and experiences
  • Lead to future internship and career opportunities
  • Demonstrates leadership, community involvement, scholarship, and skills which can be added to resumes, scholarship, transfer, and job applications
  • Four year Colleges and Employers look for a Service Learning Designation on transcripts

What Does Service Learning Involve

  • Apply what you are learning in the classroom to working with the community
  • Work with your professor to design or select a service project
  • Getting to and from the service site
  • Connecting with the Community
  • Reflecting on the service work you are doing
  • Earn a Service Learning designation on your transcript after 15 hours of Service Learning per semester

Why Should You Participate in Service Learning

  • Provides hands-on learning experiences that tie students’ classroom knowledge in with serving their community
  • Expands students’ learning environment and opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Gives students new ways of leading and learning

What Types of Service Learning Opportunities are Available