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APA 7 Style Guide

Everything you need to know to create a paper using APA style.


Below are the rules of format for an APA title page for the student manuscript. (If your professor has requested other information, though, then follow their guidelines instead!)

Inside the Top Margin (Running Head)

  • Page number: in the top-right corner of the margin. On the title page, it will be 1.

In the Body of the Title Page

  • Paper Title: bold, centered. Skip a line afterwards before including your name as author.
  • Author byline: your name (first, middle initial, last); if writing with other students, their names as well
  • Institutional affiliation: Lone Star College-University Park
  • Course: your course number and title, e.g. PSYC 2301: General Psychology
  • Instructor: Your instructor name, e.g. Prof. Jane Doe
  • Due Date: Month date, year, e.g. October 24, 2021

    APA Student Title Paper Guide


Your title page should be page one.

  • From Microsoft Word click on  "Insert"  tab

  • Locate "Page Number" and click on the drop-down icon

  • Select "Top of Page and "Plain Number Three"  which pages the number "1" in top right corner