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APA 7 Style Guide

Everything you need to know to create a paper using APA style.


Start the reference list on a new page. The word References should be bold and centered.

References should be listed in alphabetical order by whatever the first name or word is. A work without an author will be alphabetized by the first word of the article title.

All references will be double-spaced, just like everything else. They will also use a hanging inden


Basic rules:

  • Authors names are always given last name first.
  • Do not write the author's first name! Only use the first initial and, if provided, their middle initial, e.g. Smith, J. A. not Smith, John.
  • Publication years are written with the year first, followed by the month (not abbreviated) and day, if available. E.g. 2014, January 29.
  • Article titles are always written like sentences. Capitalize the first word of the title and, if used, the subtitle, as well as any proper nouns. Everything else will be lower case.
  • Website names and magazine/newspaper/journal names, however, will be properly capitalized.

The other pages of this guide will help you create the References themselves. If you need additional help, please get in touch with a librarian!