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Art - Research Guide

Free High Art Image Resources

These websites have Creative Commons 0, Public Use only, and Open Content Images. All of these websites are sources of high quality, free to use, images of works of art, sculpture, and fashion available that may be used for projects. They all ask if an image is used, that it is cited and attributed.  Many of these are online collections, museums, and institutions of high art, collections, and art. 

NOTE: Not all images are freely available. Some are still under copyright. Please do not use copyrighted images. 

Can I use this image?

Free & Fun Art Resources

Need a quick bit of clip art or a decorative image from current artists who aren't famous but are fabulous? There are free, available, CC0 images. 

NOTE: These are not academic studies of art, art history or formal art. These are clip art/ fun images. 

To Cite these: 

  • Place the URL/link underneath/ on the page with the image (PowerPoint)
  • Cite in the correct style in your Works Cited/References

Power Point Citation of an image