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Nursing - Research Guide

Get Textbooks on Reserve

What are library reserves?

Reserves can include textbooks, videos, models, and other materials that instructors designate for student use. You will need your LSC ID in order to check out reserve materials, most of which must be used within the library. To see whether one of your textbooks has been placed on reserve by your professor, search for the title in our library catalog. If you have any questions about reserve textbooks, contact a librarian.

Anatomy Models

3-D anatomy models are available for check out in the Academic Success Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Learning Resource Center (LRNC). You must present your picture ID and have a current library account to use the models. Models checked out from the Academic Success Center are not allowed outside of the building.

  • animal cell
  • arm muscles
  • blood circulation
  • brain
  • cardiopulmonary system, heart, and respiratory organs
  • digestive system
  • disarticulated skeleton
  • ear
  • eye
  • female pelvis bone
  • female pelvis organs
  • heart
  • kidney
  • kidney section, nephrons, blood vessels, and renal corpuscle
  • knee
  • larynx
  • leg muscles
  • lung
  • male pelvis organs
  • musculature model
  • nervous system
  • neuron cell body
  • open-back torso
  • skeleton (half; disarticulated)
  • skin
  • skull
  • spinal cord
  • torso