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FACULTY: Embed a Librarian


There is a range of collaboration opportunities possible:

Embedded librarians can:

  • Introduce themselves to students as their personal class librarian 
  • Answer student questions via discussion board and email
  • Embed links and resources to help students achieve course objectives
  • Create announcements about upcoming library programs or timely resources
  • Join or hold virtual office hours and attend class WebEx meetings 
  • Teach a synchronous online class session
  • Create and grade assignments/quizzes

The benefits of embedding a librarian in D2L include:

  • Supplement face-to-face library instruction
  • Reach distance learners more effectively
  • Lower barriers to student / librarian communication
  • Lessen library anxiety and increase confidence in research skills
  • Connections with librarians correlate to student success measures
  • Increase student awareness and use of library resources
  • Recommended resources and research tips provided at the point of need
  • Help instructors review assignments and library resources


To get started with embedding a librarian, fill out the online course support request form:


  • ​Lead time needed for a librarian to develop content for your class.
  • Teaching Assistant vs Faculty role:
    • Librarians with a Teaching Assistant role don't see students' grades. While TAs can add content, they are limited in the kinds of content they can create (like discussion boards and quizzes). 

    • Librarians with a Faculty role have all the same abilities as the teaching faculty, and can add any type of content, including discussion boards and quizzes. Librarians have a lot more flexibility in a Faculty role and will always safeguard your students' privacy, so please add Librarians as Faculty to your D2L course. 

After discussing your class needs with a librarian, add them to your D2L page. This page in VTAC support explains how:

  1. Log in to VTAC Support area in D2L

  2. In the Self-Service column, under User Access, select ‘Add a User to Your Section.’ Select term, course, and access level. 

  3. Enter username or employee ID# of librarian to search and select their name.

The librarian should see your course once they've logged in to their D2L page.