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Archives Mission Statement
In order to impart knowledge and understanding of the origins, vision, and goals of the institution, Lone Star College–CyFair Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible significant historical materials that relate to the history of Lone Star College–CyFair.

Scope of Collection
This archive is a subset of the greater local history collection which records the history of the Cypress-Fairbanks community. Both the archive and the local history collection are housed on the premises of the Harris County Public Library - Lone Star College–CyFair Branch. The archives collects official records and personal papers of enduring historical, legal, administrative, and fiscal value. This includes memorabilia, seminal documents, photographs, architectural records, letters, reports, unpublished manuscripts, posters, brochures, photographs, and audio or videotapes.

The committee seeks help from present and former faculty, staff, and students. It also seeks help at the highest administrative levels to acquire these valuable and sometimes elusive materials. The library reserves the right to catalog, discard, locate, and display gifts in the best interests of the collection.

Arrangement and Conservation
This collection will be in an acid-free environment with climate control in the library to preserve the lifespan of the materials. It will be systematically arranged and catalogued to allow easy access to historians and researchers.



Sample Photographs

Chrystal Anniversary Drone Photo 15 years

Picture by Amy Huddleston

Sample Posters/Flyers