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Friends of the Library

Harris County Public Library • Lone Star College-CyFair Branch

Monday-Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Every purchase (donation) you make at the Friends' bookstore helps support Lone Star College-CyFair Branch Library programs and events.

We accept the following items in good condition in the bookstore:

  • Books - especially children's titles (paperback, hardback, or CD) 
  • Music CDs in their original cases
  • DVD Videos in their original cases

We are unable to accept:

  • Magazines
  • Old Textbooks
  • VCR Tapes
  • Cassettes

Complete the membership application and print a copy to send by mail to the address on the form with your membership fee, or drop it off at the FOL Bookstore. Thanks for your support of the library!


Members Receive: 

  • A custom tote
  • Two 50% off coupons to be used for purchases in the Friends Bookstore any two times during
    the membership year
  • Members-only half-price book sales
  • An invitation to the Friends general membership meeting in October

How the Money Is Used:

Are you interested in volunteering in the Friends of the Library Bookstore? Complete the FOL Volunteer Form and drop it off at the FOL Bookstore. 

FOL Bookstore Volunteer Requirements

  • Must be a current member of Friends of the Library, Lone Star College-CyFair.
  • Must consent to a Lone Star College background check. 

We are always excited to offer new volunteer opportunities to our members. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you very soon.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Events & Programs sponsored by the FOTL:

Friends of the Library bookstore


The Lone Star College-CyFair Branch Friends of the Library promote an interest in the Harris County Public Library, Lone Star College-CyFair Branch among alumni and public; to provide a fuller understanding of the role of the library in education; to encourage gifts and bequests in support of the Library; and to assist the Harris County Public Library, Lone Star College-CyFair Branch in its educational mission through exhibits, programs, publications, and other means.

Board Members

Volunteer Members

  • Beverly Choate - Chairperson
  • Ken Doherty
  • Mandy Green
  • Joan Everson
  • Ulysses Fogg
  • Janet Lane
  • Elsie Markuson

Harris County Public Library- Lone Star College-CyFair Branch - Ex-Officio Members

  • Melanie Wachsmann

Friends Scholarship Recipients

Friends Scholarship Winner

2018-2019: Richard Fox & Justin Gallegos (pictured with Friends of the Library board members Beverly Choate, Elsie Markuson, and Roxanne Beck)

2017-2018: Sunny Navarro & Jessie Crain

2016-2017: Angelica Amaya & Eduard Akhmedov

2015-2016: Jaime Questell & Stephen Steen

2014-2015: Melodee Smith

2013-2014: Chris Sandra Garza

2012-2013: Michele Pompa

Student Library Research Award

Thanks to the Friends of the Library for supporting this award
and all the students and professors who submitted projects!

Recipients for 2019-2020

First Place

  • Joseph Flores
    "On Discipline in New York and Pennsylvania from 1820-1840"
    Professor James Seymour, HISTH 1301
    Excerpt: "It must be noted, however, that the creation of the modern prison system in New York and Pennsylvania was not limited to pieces of legislation or some axiomatic premise that the new nation ought to treat criminals with endowed respect. The creation of the prison was influenced by the surrounding societies and reformers, who wholeheartedly believed that the criminal could be disciplined, reformed, and returned to the community."

Second Place

  • Kelsey Reimer
    "The Morality of Active Euthanasia: Do We Have a Right to Die?"
    Professor John Soden, PHIL 2306Excerpt: “This ‘Death with Dignity’ movement became hugely relevant in the early to mid-1900’s, and is still a source of controversy worldwide. The introduction of every new medical technology – from respirators to chemotherapy – from then on only added to the bioethical debate: do we have the right to die, or must we always preserve the sanctity of life?”

Third Place

  • Sofia Castaneda Valdivia
    “Homeowner Associations’ Impact on Insect Diversity in Houston Metropolitan Area”
    Professor Aurora Lugo, ENVRH 1401Excerpt: “Developers' and homeowner associations' preference of ornamental plants and alignment towards the horticultural industry have contributed to increasing habitat loss due to the lack of native plants species in huge sectors of urban and suburban areas. The lack of native plants and habitat loss affect insect populations.”


2018-2019 Winners

  • First Place: Colin Stout
    "Hacking Humanity:  How Information Security Misconceptions Lead to Vulnerability and Possible Remedies"
    Professor Kimberly Mori, HONRH 2034
  • Second Place: Vanessa Crespo
    "Alice Paul: The Woman Behind the 19th Amendment"
    Professor Esther Robinson, HISTH 1302
  • Third Place: Daniel Dicken
    "How 'The Right Stuff' Affected the Public's Perception of Gus Grissom"
    Professor Esther Robinson, HISTH 1302

2017-2018 Winners

  • First Place: Elias Mata
    “Gerrymandering: The Subversion of the Representative Democracy”
    Professor Robert Holmes, HIST 2033 (Honors)
  • Second Place: Aaron T. Morgan
    “A Brief Overview of the Nazi Nuclear Program”
    Professor Robert Coyle, HIST 2312
  • Third Place: Francisco Javier Melesio
    “Reduction On Houston’s Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration:
    Increasing Live Oak’s Tree Population”
    Professor Shaunté Hulett-Abdin, BIOL 1407 (Honors)

2016-2017 Winners

  • First Place: Daniel Hines
    “The Changing of the Guard: The Evolving Strategy of the U.S. Navy in WWII”
    Professor James Seymour, HIST 1302 (Honors)
  • Second Place: Amanda Atencio
    “Minimizing and Utilizing Food Waste in America: A Proposal for a National Mandate to Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Food Waste”
    Professor Kasey Baker, ENGL 1302 (Honors)
  • Third Place: Jennifer Sampleton
    “The Other Green Movement: The Damage Capitalism Inflicts on the Environment”
    Professor Michelle Brown, ENGL 1302

2015-2016 Winners

  • First Place: Ana De Angulo
    “Caravaggio's Radical Religious Art and Profound Resonance”
    Professor Matt Backer, ARTS 1304 (Honors)
  • Second Place: Deborah Cerritos
    “The Continuation of Corruption in Law Enforcement”
    Professor Bindu Nayar, ENGL 1301
  • Third Place: Daniela Markovic
    “The Effects of Banning Books on High School Students”
    Professor Mark Thorsby, PHIL 1301 (Honors)

2014-2015 Winners

  • First Place: Gabriela Pineda - “Intentionality Sculpted: The Directedness Higher Level Educated Beings Adhere and Conform To”
    Professor Mark Thorsby, PHIL 2318
  • Second Place: Jessica Martinez - “A Wake-Up Call: Confronting Media Expectations for Body Image"
    Professor Kimberly Mori, ENGL 1301
  • Third Place: Braxton Fonner
    “Teaching How to Learn: In Support of Skills Based Education”
    Professor Jamili Omar, ENGL 1301

2013-2014 Winners

  • First Place: Ibrahim Iqbal - "The Sight We Lack"
    Professor Rebekah Love  - ENGL 1302
  • Second Place: Nancy Amin - "Education as a Fundamental Human Right"
    Professor Jamili Omar - ENGL 2333
  • Third Place: Judith Moore - "Death Penalty vs. Insanity Plea"
    Professor Fay Lee - ENGL 1301

2012-2013 Winners

  • First Place: Jordan Davis - "Avarice: A Case Study on the Abomination of For-Profit Prisons"
    Professor: Heidi Jo Green
  • Second Place: Candelario Leal - "Genius, Madness and Shamanism and the Upper Paleolithic Revolution"
    Professor: Matt Backer
  • Third Place: Karla Segura - "Gloria Anzaldua and the Bi-cultural Feminist Americana"
    Professor: Michelle Brown

2011-2012 Winners

  • First Place: April Johnson - "A Classic in Modern Times"
    Professor: Matt Backer
  • Second Place: Christopher Whitfill - "The Democratic Spirit"
    Professor: Mark Thorsby
  • Third Place: Bethany Reese - "Sin Represas: Without Dams!"
    Professor: Sergio Sarmiento

2010-2011 Winners

  • First Place: Cody Beers, "Daddy Complex"
    Professor: Patricia Healy
  • Second Place: Scott Liebling - "The Societal Effects of the Decline of Organized Labor in the United States"
    Professor: Heidi Jo Green
  • Third Place: Misty Nikel - "Reform for U.S.-China Trade"
    Professor: Patricia Healy

2009-2010 Winners

  • First Place: Brandon de Hoyos: "A War of Words: How Civil War Correspondents Changed the News Industry"
    Professor: Esther Robinson
  • Second Place: Gorge Sanchez-Ruiz: "Why the Federal Reserve Must Cease"
    Professor: Margaret Mendonca
  • Third Place: Jim Brant McMahon: "Prisoners of Intangible Walls"
    Professor: Sonila Themeli

2008-2009 Winners

  • First Place: Amy Mitamura: "The History of Radiation Safety"
    Professor: Cynthia Robertson 
  • Second Place: Victoria Marie Bee: "Female Genital Mutilation"
    Professor: Michelle Brown
  • Third Place: Maria A. Partearroyo: "Universal Health Care, a Right to Pursue"
    Professor: Bindu Nayar

Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

2019 Winners

  • First place – Daniela Mejia - "Welcome to the New Age" (France)
    Student of Rob Coyle
  • Second place – Sofia Patino  Hernandez - " Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento?" (Italy)
    Student of Andrea Holliger, Cindy Sledge, and Ronnie Nespeca
  • Third place – Skyla Anciso - "Excelsior Vittoria" (Italy)
    Student of Andrea Holliger, Cindy Sledge, and Ronnie Nespeca

2018 Winners

  • First Place - Demitri Kalergis - Old Shepherd
    Student of Professors Andrea Holliger and Rob Coyle
  • Second Place - Faith Fritch - Boats on the Bay
    Student of Professor Buck Buchanan
  • Third Place - Kenzie Edmondson - People Make the Place
    Student of Professors David Bruner, Buck Buchanan, and Ronnie Nespeca

2017 Winners

  • First place – Lauren Gonzales - This Was Once Home to Many (Italy)
    Student of Professors Rob Coyle and Buck Buchanan
  • Second place – Anastasia Cowen - Counting Days (Poland)
    Student of Professors Thomas Kelly and Hoyt Devries
  • Third place – Cody Brautigam - Amalfi Coast (Italy)
    Student of Professors Rob Coyle and Buck Buchanan

2016 Winners

  • First place – Chelsea Narrow - Swedish Waltz (Sweden)
    Honorable Mention for Exploration
    Student of Professor Rob Coyle
  • Second place – Mario Torres - Rhythmic Motion (Belize)
    Student of Professor Buck Buchanan
  • Third place – Camila Téllez - Je Suis Charlie (Germany)
    Honorable Mention for Stinging Past
    Student of Professor Kelly Schimmel

2015 Winners

  • First place – Ala'a Ibrahim - Tears Frozen in Time
  • Second place – Alejandro Ezquerra - Music from Other World
  • Third place – Skyeler Aguado - The Tico Life

2014 Winners

  • First place – Jennifer Moore - In the Hopper
  • Second place – Silvia Pineros - Rain, Rain, No Sprinkles
  • Third place – Jamie Hackbarth - Got Volcano?

2013 Winners

  • First place – Elizabeth Villarreal - Tanzanian Best Soccer Player
  • Second place – An Nguyen - Anchoring on Serenity
  • Third place – Stephanie Hernandez - Maasai Young Lady

2012 Winners

  • First place – Marilyn Ferguson - Ancient Walmart
  • Second place – Alex Tompkins - The Rainforest
  • Third place – Mamisi Gordon - Praying or Peddling

2011 Winners

  • First Place – Michelle Martinez, Time Left Standing
  • Second Place – Jassir Hernandez, Yellow Mountain
  • Third Place – Martha Ocampo, Belly of Hongcun

2010 Winners

  • First Place – Lindsay Green, Footprints on the Sands of Time
  • Second Place – Kate Anderson, Vatican Museum Staircase
  • Third Place – Meredith Thibodeaux, Stopped Motion

International Flavor of Houston Photography Contest - Spring 2010

  • First Place Winner – Abbas Batliwala, "All For a Cause"
  • Second Place Winners – Ashley Richardson, "At a Stand Still" 
  • Third Place Winners – Randy Olive, "Tu Bi Quan Am Dao Trang Temple"

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The LSC-CyFair Branch Friends of the Library operate under the auspices of the Lone Star College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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